Hair Trends for 2023

7th February 2023


So 2023 is here, what is the look for you this year?

Getting ahead of the game never hurts anyone, and what better way to occupy the gloomier months at the start of the year than by planning this year's hairstyle.

With 2022 being one of our most experimental hair fashion years ever thanks to us all being locked up the year before, we are hoping this year will bring just as much fun and edge. 

At Avalon salon Crouch End, we saw a huge influence from the 90's, with the big blowdrys and mixie cuts (a mix between a mullet and a pixie cut), bleach blonde and redhead but where can we go in 2023?

Getting the colour and style right can take time so let's get started now.

The general look is still leaning towards a certain effortlessness when it comes to our hair, whether it be through a hair-colouring technique like balayage that grows out beautifully in between appointments or the perfect haircut that suits our face shape with minimal styling. Ask our experienced colourist in our Crouch End salon for a personalised consultation.

Let’s get started on colour.


Candlelit brunette has a brunette base colour featuring golden highlights. This is a low maintenance, reverse balayage with golden tones. Beautiful and natural while keeping the face frame, light but warm.


All shades of red are spilling over from last year and will be popular in 2023, ranging from fiery reds and deep burgundy to warm auburn. Great for you dark haired girls who aren’t ready to go too light. Fiery red is the look for you. 

Now where do we go with the cut? Well let's start with the C Cut. 


Believe it or not the Rachel haircut is having a revival in 2023 and if you’re a TikTok fan then you may know this as the Unicorn Cut. Please don’t try this at home!!! 

The salon name for it is the “C cut” and it is much softer and not as heavy on the face framing as the Rachel cut, giving a more rounded, balanced haircut which is still low maintenance and easy to style. 

Also trending high is the French Girl Style.


If shortcuts are your thing then this is your year! We will be seeing, pixie’s, bobs, fringes and variations of all three. With bobs getting squarer and  shorter, the French girl style is the look that is trending this year. With its cheekbone skimming style, you can’t get much chicer than this. 

If styling is your thing then get that pintail comb out and try the Barbie Ponytail or the Givenchy Pouf.


Well with the Barbie movie heading our way this spring the high sleek ponytail is trending as the retro girl look continues. This sleek pony is a polished look that can be worn at the office and formal events.


Another sleek look for this year is the Givenchy red carpet Pouf. I personally love this look as it is such low maintenance and easy to throw back when time isn’t on your side. 

This post was written by Debbie at Avalon Hairsalon, Crouch End, North London .

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