10th January 2024


As the new year starts you may find yourself thinking about a new look. 

While there are a few ways to go about transforming yourself for the next 12 months ahead, a fresh haircut is one of the most exciting routes. 

Exciting as that may be, it looks like the bob is continuing to dominate. I don’t know if you noticed but the 2024 Golden Globes red carpet was brimming with bobs!

Put simply, the 2024 haircut trends are embracing the classics. Many people are growing out last year's shag and are going for either a longer style or opting to turn them into a version of a bob.


If the longer style is your preference then the hush cut could be the perfect option for you. A blend of face-framing layers and curtain bangs, this look has become one of the top trends this winter.

However if the bob is your favoured route then we have an array of options:-


This style took off last summer and is still exploding on social media now. See below a lovely example of a Bubble Bob/Mushroom Bob by Dan, Director Stylists at Avalon. The bubble bob consists of a rounded shape, where the ends are styled to flick inwards to create that bubble like look. It often contains height and texture throughout the cut to give it a further rounded and bouncy appearance.


A modern take on the most classic bob shape, the box bob is a box-shaped chop cut with blunt ends, clean lines and no layers or graduation of any kind. It's short, sharp and sleek.

Here is an example by Jasmine, Director Stylist at Avalon.


Full-bodied and textured. This style is a little longer in length making it more versatile than other bobs. It's seen an 85% search growth and it's set to stay on our radar in 2024.


One of my favourites. Also known as the stacked bob or graduated bob, the inverted bob is back for 2024 but with a modern update. The inverted bob is shorter at the back and gradually longer towards the front, which creates a stacked, angled effect. This haircut accentuates your jawline and brings attention to your cheekbones. The graduated bob features a shorter back with added volume, whilst the front boasts more length. It’s a great haircut for anyone who wants volume and texture but finds their hair too thin for layers. Great for anyone with a rounded face shape.


Also seeing a huge boost in popularity is the micro bob, which is (as the name suggests) an ultra-short version of the classic cut. It can be styled various ways and sits just at the cheekbone – making it both extremely wearable and suitable for a wide range of hair types.


The Parisian French-girl bob is a chic and effortless hairstyle that reflects the timeless and sophisticated style associated with Parisian women. It often features a shoulder-length cut with subtle layers, creating a tousled and natural look. The key is to achieve an undone elegance, appearing as if you woke up with effortlessly stylish hair.

So there you have it, the bob is most definitely still trending for 2024. Pop in and ask one of our creative stylists at Avalon North London for what bob would suit your face shape. 

Written by Debbie Newman, Owner of Avalon Hair Studios Ltd, Crouch End, London.

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