Patch Testing

The Importance of Patch Testing

Allergies can develop suddenly, even where there has been no reaction previously, therefore regular testing will identify any hidden allergies.

Is Patch Testing necessary?

YES, patch testing is necessary, it is a legal requirement.

Patch testing can be seen as an inconvenience to many guests, receiving questions like “I’ve had colour for years, so I don’t need one?” or “I had one at my previous salon, so I know I’m fine” to “I’ll be fine, if anything happens I won’t blame you.”

Some clients may not see the point in making the journey to us for a 2 minute task, but the risks of not attending a complimentary consultation to receive your patch test could result far worse, therefore we have a strict ‘No Patch Test, No Colour Appointment Policy’.

What is involved in a patch test?

  • A patch test will need to be carried out a minimum of 48 hrs prior to a colour application, once a negative result is received the patch test will be valid for 12 weeks. We recommend booking your patch test as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee an appointment within 48 hrs.
  • A complimentary consultation including your patch test will be booked prior to making your colour appointment, this can be done by calling 02083485501.
  • Your stylist will ask you a series of questions which will identify if you are suitable to receive a patch test. It is important that the questions are answered honestly!
  • We will record all instances of your patch test, ask you to sign our patch test form which will show you have agreed to the patch test, and keep it on file.
  • A small amount of colour will be applied behind your ear.
  • The colour should be left for a minimum of 48 hrs. If you have a positive reaction the area will become red, itchy and irritated or you may feel unwell. If you receive a positive reaction you should rinse the area immediately, contact us and seek medical advice.
  • If there is a negative reaction nothing will happen and it is safe for your colour service to take place with us.

Can I have my hair coloured if I am under 16?

  • No. Hair dye is not intended for use on anyone under the age of 16 years old.
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Allergic Reactions to Hair Colour & the pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak of 2020 has caused countless disruptions to not just the salon industry, but the lives of people across the world.

One observation that has emerged from salon owners however, is an increase in allergic reactions among those who had previously tested positive for the virus and it is unclear for asymptomatic clients. Reactions ranging from local sensitised reactions which subside after the removal of colour to severe allergic reactions requiring medical treatment.

For this reason we ask all guests to let us know if you have received a positive test for the virus so we can ensure a patch test is carried out prior to your colour application, regardless of how long it has been since your last colour appointment.

While there has been no official research into the effects the disease may have on the immune system long-term, or the effect this may have on the development of allergies – it does highlight one undeniable point. Regular patch testing for every guest receiving hair colour is vital and at Avalon patch testing is compulsory for all our guests.

Our team are available to answer any questions you may have regarding patch testing by calling 02083485501.

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