What’s your coffee choice?

6th December 2023

So winter is definitely upon us and the dark nights have set in. 

I personally think there is no better time of year to reinvent yourself than in these dark winter months!

“But what colour pallets are trending for winter 2023/24?” I hear you ask. 

Well our colour expert Jasmine at Avalon, Crouch End has put together the latest colour trends in a way to make this decision a bit easier for us.

This coffee colour pallet may help with finding your next look.

This new reference to coffee hair shades is something that has grown over the last few years. From Pumpkin Spice to Espresso let's go through them individually, kick starting with The Latte.


Just like adding milk to coffee, this beautiful rich, creamy blonde suits all skin tones. If you’re not ready to let the summer leave those sunkissed locks then step away from the icy blonde and ask one of our experienced colourist/stylist for a caramel blonde balayage with ultra-thin pieces and a wavy blowdry to accentuate the different tones. 


This is one of our most popular requests during the Autumn and Winter months.

Pumpkin Spice is a blend of coppers and beiges. 

This hair tone sits differently depending on the tone of your skin. The beauty of these copper tones particularly ‘pumpkin spice latte’ is that it works beautifully with all skin types and complexions with a little tweak of the tones. If you have a warmer complexion I would suggest experimenting more with the gold and copper hues but if you have cooler toned skin, ask one of our colourists to soften the gold and copper hues making the overall colour more beige to avoid bringing too much natural warmth out of the skin.

This shade of colour is one of my personal favourites.


Just like your coffee you can customise this colour to your preference.

So, if you prefer, you can go darker with richer tones for a more classic look. Or you could up the milk factor and go lighter and warmer in certain areas. You could even add a dash of caramel highlights- syrup, anyone? It really is up to you.


Cappuccino is considered a universal colour, because, depending on the shade and predominance of brown, gold or grey pigments, it can refer to a cold or warm colour palette, which in turn expands the range of its use. 

Usually, the sub-tone is selected for clients, taking into account the colour of the skin and eyes. According to our colorists at Avalon, Crouch End, cappuccino hair colour will ideally harmonise with most clients that have an olive-coloured epidermis, as well as brown or green eyes.

Put less milk into your cappuccino and you have a cappuccino balayage. 

Balayage is popular for its darker root, which continues to look perfect even when your hair grows. A cappuccino balayage includes the perfect melt of caramel and warmth to create your perfect blend of warm brunette highlights. 


Inspired by a hot cup of black coffee, espresso hair colour is a neutral, dimensional brunette shade with hints of both black and dark brown. What really makes espresso hair colour special, however, is the high-shine finish that never appears dull.

A great low maintenance, rich, winter colour with no threat of sun fade.

Written by Debbie Newman Owner of Avalon Hair Studio Ltd, Crouch End, London.

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