21st July 2021

Is bleaching your hair really bad? Well it doesn't have to be if you find the right colourist. Our colourist at Avalon hairsalon Crouch End are experts in bleaching. We take time to analyse the hair to make sure your hair would withstand the ligtening process. There are certain techniques that you can use to […]

9th July 2021
Does everyone suit a fringe?

Does everyone suit a fringe?   Our Fringe experts at our hair salon, Avalon, Crouch End have spent years recognising what fringe works with which face shape so we've decided to share our knowledge and give you an insight in to the world of fringes.  Everyone can have a fringe, but you have to adapt […]

10th June 2021
Questions about grey hair.

WHAT ACTUALLY CAUSES OUR HAIR TO GO GREY? At Avalon we pride ourselves on the knowledge we hold on all aspects of colour. Working with various techniques and holding a huge amount of shade choices from various colour specialists such as Wella, L'oreal, Elgon, etc.  We’ve been told many times that we have the best […]

5th April 2021
Answers to some of your hair questions.

WHY SHOULDN'T YOU COLOUR YOUR HAIR AT HOME? Hmmmmm, you’re thinking of colouring your hair at home? Well unless you are reading this and we are on yet another lockdown and there are no hairdressers open, then back away from that box!  I understand that it is a lot cheaper to do your own hair […]

18th March 2021
What's the difference between Sombre, Ombre & Balayage? What about the Layage?!

So here you are, a whole new world of colour names you've never heard of. Sombre, Ombre, Balayage and now Layage!!! Confused? Ok let's shed some light on this barrage of Balayages! SOMBRE Ok let's start with the Sombre. The Sombre is a subtle colour transition from roots to ends. It's basically an Ombre but […]

3rd March 2021
Greasy hair?

HERE ARE SOME OF THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS YOU MAY BE LOOKING FOR. Ok, so we are starting to come out of lockdown. The summer is around the corner and we’re going to have one hell of a good one! What you notice in the mirror is not actually what you want to take out […]

14th January 2021
Why does my hair feel so dry?

Ask the experts at Avalon: Why does my hair feel so dry? by Debbie Newman January 14, 2021 Your head is covered with millions of strands of hair.  Each strand is covered by thousands of scales.  These scales, or the cuticle acts as a protective layer.  When your hair is at it's healthiest and all of these […]

29th November 2020
How do I grow longer hair?

Even if you've been kinder to your hair during quarantine, deliberately cutting back on heat styling during the work week, you may still be dealing with strands that grow too slowly or seemingly not at all. There are a few easy-to-follow remedies for maximizing your growth potential. Our Hair experts at our Crouch End Hair […]

13th November 2020
How do I keep red hair vibrant?

10 Tips to Keep Your Red Hair Vibrant Not yet ready to wave the summer goodbye? Think again! Red Leather hair colour is the beautiful look for autumn. Red, copper or strawberry, these shades of red can be deep and rich, or they can go soft and understated—but they all seem to come out quickly […]

10th November 2020
Top Tip for Healthy Hair This Winter

During the winter months, cold outside weather combined with central heating indoors can wreak havoc on your strands, leading to split ends and breakage. To avoid winter hair woes you should follow the 5 top tips for healthy winter hair, brought to you by the expert hair stylists at Avalon. Crouch End Hair Salon. 1. […]

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