2nd October 2023

If colour fade is your bugbear then you’re not alone.

At Avalon our clients always walk out of our salon looking and feeling amazing!

We pride ourselves as being one of the top colour specialist salon in North London. 

The question is do you still look and feel this amazing after several weeks?

Well this all depends on a variety of factors. Without giving our hair the correct TLC, it can look and feel flat, dull and faded way too early.

Don’t worry though, this blog will give you some great tips on how to care for you hair after you leave the salon.


So how committed are you to your colour?

Would you go as far as to have a cold shower?

Maybe you could turn the temperature down slightly?

Washing your hair in hot water opens the outer cuticles of the hair shaft which is where the colour is held. The cooler the water, the less chance of rinsing that expensive colour down the drain. To finish any hair wash, a great way to retain the colour is to finish with a cold rinse. This closes the cuticles and locks that colour back in.


I think we all know that this is an obvious one. Over-washing your hair is one of the main reasons why our hair colour fades. In fact 80% of colour fade is due to hair washing. Between dodgy, cheap shampoos and the chemicals in our tap water, washing your hair every day is what we really need to avoid. If you are an everyday hair washer, start by trying every other day and then gradually try to stretch out the washes by trying different hairstyles.  A slick ponytail is a great way to disguise your oily hair.

Also a good way to absorb the oil is to use a dry shampoo on the roots. This is a way to get you that extra day and surely a lot easier than washing and blow drying but don’t over use this product, too much can result in a build-up of product, dirt and grease on the scalp which can lead to a bacterial injection called folliculitis which can then lead to hair lose. So don’t overdo it guys.


Changing your shampoo from the cheap off the supermarket shelf to a more cleansing, gentler one would be a good idea. I’ve always lived by the rule of face and hair are equally as important. So would you wash your face with fairy liquid? No!! Then why would you wash your hair with it. Most of the cheaper shampoos have salts, alcohol and sulphates (lathering agents) in. All of which are hair colour enemies. At Avalon we always use and recommend using, sulphate free shampoo. Here are two great options if you are looking to change your shampoo and not wanting to wash your hair as often.

Davines Volu is lightweight formula that can cleanse hair without damage. Most of our clients say that they need to wash their hair every day as it goes so limp and flat. What we always recommend if this is the case is the VOLU shampoo. The Caprauna Turnip extract in the VOLU shampoo helps keep fine hair lifted, offers visible volume, and won’t weigh it down.

Davines DEDE shampoo and conditioner are our other options. They are powered by Orbassano Red Celery extract, which cleanses hair and leaves it healthy, shiny, and balanced.


Like our skin, sun damages our hair too. The heat from the sun and the UV rays break down the chemical bonds in our hair making our colour fade and leaving our hair, dry, brittle and dull. The obviously solution to this is to wear a hat. You could use a hair sunscreen and always rehydrate your hair with an oil to bring back some moisture. Davines Oi Oil is a multifunctional oil to add softness and extraordinary shine to hair, with an effective detangling and anti-frizz effect. Ideal for controlling difficult hair and reducing dehydration.

Well I don’t want to go on about sun damage again. If you read my blog on “Keeping your hair healthy on your summer holiday” then you’ll understand the importance of caring for your hair in the sun.


So we have talked a lot about heat on your hair in this blog. Hot water, the heat from the sun. Now we must mention heat from electricals. The hair drier, curling irons and straighteners can quickly damage our hair which again will compromise the colour. Try using a heat protection or blow dry cream before using any electricals. Even better, let the hair dry naturally or turn down the heat setting on your wand or straightener.

A good heat protection is Davines Melu hair shield.

Ideal for protecting all types of hair from stress caused by straighteners or blow dryer. The Melu spray effectively protects the hair from heat stresses.


So we all need a haircut after the summer months. Once your hair is dry and brittle, oils can do so much but sometimes the only thing left to do is to chop them off. Having a good cut and removing the porous, damaged ends will help keep your colour bright and glossy.


Most people have now heard of Olaplex. This amazing treatment is known for its ability to repair damaged hair and restore its strength and shine. It helps prevent damage, maintain colour and add shine. It’s an overall godsend. Add this service to every colour appointment and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Ask our colour specialist at Avalon for details.

Written by Debbie Newman Owner of Avalon Hair Studios Ltd.

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