What hard water does to your hair!

9th November 2021

Does your hair constantly feel stiff, dry?

Does it look dull and dingy?

Does your colour lose a little more clarity with every shampoo… even turn weird shades of green, yellow, orange or brown?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it’s a sure thing you’ve got hard water.

Hard water can really mess with your hair texture and colour, making it very hard to style and leaving you with no shine. 

A Little background on hard water hair. 
“Hard water” is water that has a high mineral content – especially calcium and magnesium – in comparison to soft water.
Hard water isn’t bad for your overall heath. In fact, hard water is typically free of microbes and bacteria because of minerals like copper, aluminium and silver. And, the calcium in hard water is actually good for your bones and teeth.
What does hard water do to your hair. 
Hard water opens up the cuticle of your hair and can cause your hair to feel rough and get tangled more easily. It also leaves more mineral deposits in your hair which can leave your hair feeling dry and knotty. lacking moisture and shine.
What to do if you have hard water. 
One option is to get a shower filter head. These make a huge difference and you just need to replace the filter when needed to keep your water clean.

How to repair damage to the hair caused by hard water.

There are special shampoos called chelating shampoos. These particular clarifying shampoos bind to the minerals and strip them out of your hair.

I would recommend one of our sustainable products called Davines Solu Clariftying Shampoo. This deep cleansing shampoo has an innovative formula that effectively removes residues from hard water and styling products. It will not damage or strip the hair of essential nutrients thanks to it's natural active ingredients which deeply cleanse and instantly moisturize.

Why not pop in to Avalon Crouch End Hair Salon and ask one of our stylist for advice.

This article was written by the Salon Manager Michelle at Avalon.

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