Botox for your hair!

16th August 2022

For the love of hair!!!

So it has finally arrived! Botox for hair!!

"WHAT?" I hear you shout.

I know, I know, what next?

Well, let me tell you a bit about this treatment before you make your decision.

pHrizzy-o-therapy (love that name) was originally created by hairdressers. One of the main questions we get asked is “how do I get rid of frizz”. Our answers vary obviously depending on what type of hair we are dealing with. So let's go through what we as hairdressers suggest for the various types of frizz.


Say ‘good-bye’ to frizz’! 

If you want to keep your curly or wavy locks but want to lose the frizz, then we have the treatment for you. At Avalon Crouch End our stylist have spent many hours researching the best treatment to remove the frizz from curly hair and the Keratine treatment is the best. I must say even though I was glad to see the formaldehyde being removed from all keratin treatments, we struggled to find a product that gave us the same results. After much research and many models later we eventually came across Keratin Revolution Nano Intense Treatment. This is great for smoothing the hair without losing its texture. The Keratin Revolution system allows for complete versatility of style - so you can create a super sleek and straight style or you can go for a more volumised bouncy blow-dry finish - maybe even curls. Ask your stylist at Crouch End Avalon for more details.

Time - 3 hours

Price - Starts at £150

Last up-to 3 months


While frizz hair is just a part of some people’s DNA, damaged frizz typically affects those who repeatedly use heat styling equipment and have harmful grooming habits. This can cause breakage, tangling, and split ends — making your hair look dry, dull, and frizzy.

At a microscopic level, frizzy and damaged hair has undergone excessive weathering that’s worn down the outermost layers of your hair shaft, known as the cuticle. Once this is removed, the inner cortex layer is exposed, which can lead to hair breakage. In other words, having frizzy tresses is a sign of significant hair damage that has compromised the structure of your hair strands and stripped its hydration away.

So this is where our  72 Hair pHrizzy-o-therapy Treatment comes in. 

pHrizzy-o-therapy is the latest innovation in the care of frizzy, unruly, unmanageable hair that can last-up to 12 weeks per application. Formulated with plant extracts, organic amino acids and keratin, this therapy repairs all hair types, adding strength and elasticity to your hair.


* Restores your hair’s pH balance using key organic and amino acid components, making it soft, frizz-free and luxurious.

* Eliminates frizz and strengthens your hair.

* Hair feels weightless and easy to manage.

* Optimises shine

* Suitable for all hair types

* Quick and easy process

* You can wash your hair the same day

* 80% Organic ingredient

Written by Debbie Newman Owner of Avalon Hair Studios Ltd

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