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5th April 2021


Well let's just start with the fact that this is most definitely not a shampoo in a can! It does not clean your hair. You basically use it to dry out any oils in the hair and as a bonus it adds body to the roots which gives your hair some body and lift instead of that greasy flat look some of us have, including myself. So it doesn’t take the grease away, it’s just less noticeable. But is it bad for your hair? Well generally, I’d say no however you do need to shampoo your hair every two to three days so as not to get a build up of this wonder spray. If you don’t then yes it is. The buildup of dirt and grease on the scalp can lead to a bacterial infection called folliculitis which can then lead to hair loss. So please make sure you don’t keep spraying!! 

Ask the team at Avalon Hairdressers Crouch End for more advice on how to stop greasy hair. 


So you’re at the shampoo section at the supermarket and you ask yourself, “do I just buy a cheap shampoo and conditioner as the kids end up using them as shower gel anyway?”

Well my advice to you is, “you get what you pay for. Buy the good stuff and hide it away from the persky body washes!” 

Why, you ask? Well, the cheaper the shampoo, the more likely it is that it has a harsher detergent in which can strip your hair of it’s oils and can irritate the scalp which can lead to a dry scalp. They also contain more water and fillers where as expensive ones have more oils and vitamins which helps protect the hair. 

Surfactants are the key ingredients to cleaning the hair, they remove the oils but too much of this can be damaging. The cheaper the shampoo the more surfactants. Have you ever noticed how much the cheaper shampoo larvers up compared to the expensive ones? Well this could be why.

Also all shampoos contain silicones, (these are what make your hair soft). The cheaper the shampoo the larger the silicones. The smaller the silicones the less chance there is of having a build up which can cause your hair to feel greasy.

So what about the conditioner? 

Well don’t get me started on the conditioners. I have always personally classed a conditioner to be as important as a face moisturiser. So whatever money i’ve spent on my moisturiser I would equally spend on my conditioner. 

What does a conditioner do? 

Well the main reason to condition your hair is to coat and protect it from exposure of everyday damage. It helps to nourish the hair so as to help it keep growing healthily and stop any breakage. It also smooths and detangles it so it’s easier to comb, increases the shine and reduces any frizz, all in one bottle!

As with shampoos the more expensive conditioners are, the more expensive the ingredients which give you more chance of actually achieving all that a conditioner promises. 

I would highly recommend you talk to one of our hairstylists at Avalon to give you the exact shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair needs. 

Ask our Kerastase experts at Avalon Hair Salon Haringey for more information on what products you should be using for your hair type.


Wash, Rinse, Repeat!!!

Well as a hairdresser I’m all about getting the most from the hair. If one wash leaves you with lank locks then maybe two shampoos are for you. It actually all depends on how dirty your hair is!

The first wash is really to get rid of grease, dirt and any products. The second wash is where the lather created. If your hair is clean then there really isn’t any reason to shampoo twice. We do two shampoos at our hair salon in Crouch End, as we like your hair to be squeaky clean so we can create the best cut and blow dry possible. One of the reasons why we have the reputation of being the best hairdressers in North London.

So the conclusion is if you wash your hair every day then one shampoo is fine. 

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