Ok, so we are starting to come out of lockdown. The summer is around the corner and we’re going to have one hell of a good one! What you notice in the mirror is not actually what you want to take out onto the street. Zoom calls are all well and good as nobody notices that scraped back greasy ponytail but we can’t get away with it when we’re back face to face so one of the questions you may be asking yourself is  “What can I do about my greasy hair?"

There’s one obvious answer which springs to mind, “get your hi-lights done”, which is one of the reasons some of my clients at Avalon Crouch End Hairdressers have hi-lights, it helps dry out the greasy roots. Unfortunately though until the 12th April, all being well, we are stuck with our greasy dark roots. Even after the 12th, to get an appointment soon after the restrictions are lifted could be a problem on it’s own. If you haven’t booked your appointment already then get on it as they are going fast! BOOK HERE

So let’s start with  “Why do I have greasy hair?”

The answer is our sebaceous glands on our scalp which produces Sebum oil. This oil keeps the scalp moisturised and prevents your hair from becoming brittle. An increase in this oil can be caused by a few factors like hormone fluctuations, using too many products, lifestyle and over use of heat products. When the oil absorbs into our hair it can cause the greasy appearance. It’s not a bad thing! In fact it’s great for the hair. It gives us the shiny, healthy hair we all crave but too much can make it look limp and flat. 

You may say, “that’s all well and good but my hair gets greasy after one day!” This can be annoying and hard work. Unfortunately this can come down to what texture your hair is. If you have fine or thin hair, this tends to be more prone to becoming greasy unlike, thick, curly, coarse hair which can look better after a week without a drop of shampoo.

Can touching my hair too much make it greasy?

Yes, too much brushing or touching your hair can stimulate the sebum glands which leads to more oil production from your scalp, so once you’ve styled it, leave it alone. 

So what can I do about my greasy hair?

You’ve most probably read about the fad of putting apple cider in your hair, right? And like most people, this sounds like the perfect quick fix but it does set off alarm bells. “Does putting vinegar on my hair damage it?” Well the answer is YES!

I’m not sure if you ever went on holiday and put lemon juice in your hair and came home with orange, dried out, brittle locks? Well vinegar will have the same effect due to the acidic PH. So please stay away from that bottle of acid!!!

What shampoo and conditioner can I use for greasy hair? 

Try to avoid anything that says damaged hair or shiny hair. These can end up making your hair look greasier due to a coating that may cover the follicles. I would choose a lighter shampoo and conditioner. As part of our Kerastase range we have a perfect shampoo for this exact problem, Kerastase Bain Divalent shampoo for oily roots. It’s a scalp balancing shampoo that treats oily roots by regulating the overproduction of sebum.

As for conditioner for greasy hair, why not try Kerastase Sepcifique Hydra Apaisant Hair Mask. It is great for hydrating and smoothing hair to enhance scalp quality and scalp defense. Ask one of our Kerastase experts at Avalon Crouch End hair salon for more advice. 

Can washing my hair too much make it greasier?

Yes, If you over wash your scalp you dry out the sebaceous glands which has been proven to react by producing more oil. We end up in a vicious cycle of washing it everyday. Why not have a day off in between washes and find a nice way to tie your hair up or grab a scarf and get creative, so on-trend! Check out our Hairstyles section on our instagram page.

I just want a quick fix to greasy hair?

Well my advice if you are looking for a quick fix is to head for the dry shampoo department. This absorbent powder spray is a god send for those oversleeping, last minute invitations (remember those) kind of people. It’s great for soaking up those greasy roots but please be aware, too much of this heaven sent ingredients will cause a build up on your scalp which may lead to dandruff so no overloading ladies. 

What food should I eat for hair?

So here we are again. What do I eat to stop my hair from being greasy?

I can tell you to lay off the greasy burgers and head to the veg aisle but we all know this, so I won’t.

Check out our  Healthy Hair section on our Instagram page for more details.

So that’s it folks! My tips for getting rid of greasy hair. Here's to beautiful hair when we get out of lockdown!

Written by Debbie Newman, Avalon Hair Salon Haringey London

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