Luxury Chronologiste Treatment
was £40 now £25

As autumn approaches, this is the perfect ritual to begin to get rid of your summer damage.

So what’s all the fuss about? The treatment features an advanced blend of ingredients – including caviar inspired pearls to regenerate the hair fibres and scalp and Abysine- a rare molecule found 3000 meters below sea level known for its regenerating properties.

You can experience the treatment with our new in-salon Chronologiste ritual and leave with incredibly soft, shiny hair full of bounce for a discounted price of £25. Plus you can keep the ritual going at home with the beautiful Chronologiste retail range.

10% off Hair – Tuesday & Wednesday  (excluding December)


The Ultimate Guide to Hair Rehab:  Olaplex! £25 with any hair service!

These little bottles of lotion aren’t yet another ‘deep conditioning’ treatment. Oh no, it’s way more technical than that. Olaplex permanently rebuilds the side bonds (the things that provide elasticity and strength and get damaged during the chemical process) within the hair.
It’s not just bleach fans breathing a sigh of relief. Any chemical process applied to the hair can be Olaplex-ed. That includes perming, keratin treatments, straightening irons and even damage from your summer holiday. And it won’t break the bank! Most salons charge around £35 on top of your usual colour. We would like to offer you this treatment throughout September and October with any cutting or colour treatment for £25. With any cutting, colouring or styling services.